Confusing power requirements in datasheet G01

  • It seems to me that the difference between the L01/L04 and the G01 is:

    • pin 49 / 3.2-5.5V input appeared on the G01, (and can be a battery directly for example)

    • The 3V3 (pin 40 on the G01) becomes an output instead of the power input like on the L01/L04.

    Is this assumption correct?
    And if it 's correct, how much power can the 3V3 out on the G01 deliver?

    I guess it's a good idea to review the documentation one more time. There are artefacts left in the datasheet that seem to be out of place.

  • @robert-hh

    Indeed, the reference board schema's are presenting a 0R to prevent the VDD33 from being fed by the VDD5. But there is nothing documented about removing it to work on the G01. And the datasheet and pinout schematic are ambiguous about being in input or output.
    So I'm not gonna order a batch of prototypes on documentation that is clearly out of date. Nor do I think it is very efficient for us to be figuring this out. Maybe @Fred can give us a hint or knows somebody who should know?


  • @tvetter1976
    That is the Gpy, not the OEM module. The G01 OEM module states on the pinout ( that the 3V3 pin should be supplied with a stable 3V3 source capable of delivering at least 950mA:


    Also the datasheet of the G01 clearly states that the 3V3 is an input. however, it has the remark that 'it should be able to source 650mA':

    So if this is correct (which is doubtful), what is the 3.2-5.5V powering?

  • @Vincent If you look at the OEM baseboard reference's schematics,, you can tell that the VDD33 is probably an input, because it is supplied by the voltage regulator on the baseboard. That would not be safe if VDD33 of the G01 would be an output. Otherwise I would expect a hint in the documentation and/or a jumper or solder bridge on the board.

  • Please have look here:

    3.3V is output only and 1.2A are possible.

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