Expansion board 3.1 firmware zadig HELP

  • Re: Expansion board 3 firmware update Zadig issues

    I am trying to update my expansion board 3.3 following the instructions: https://docs.pycom.io/pytrackpysense/installation/firmware/
    When I check in the device manager, everything it's acording the instruction, it appears as an Unknown device when I plug the USB and press the S1 button, and after 7 seconds it goes to COM4. The problem is when I try to use zadig, I plug the usb and press Install driver, but it takes a little longer than 7 seconds so it fails. I am using windows 10 and the version of zadig is 2.4.721
    Look forward an answer

  • I find the update procedure on docs.pycom.io fuzzy. At least it is not in sync with what I experience with my Expansion board.

    In Zadig I activate Options -> List All Devices.

    Before (!) updating driver I select my Expansion board.

    Ok, now that the libusbK driver is in, the dfu-util should find its job - but it does not!? The S1 connecting procedure doesn't seem to put the boad into update mode?
    And after dfu-util is trough I should run Zadig again and install USB Serial (CDC) in order to get REPL connectivity - did I understand that correctly?


  • I can confirm that I have the same issue: Zadig.log


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