Test connection LoPy4 and Arduino-Dragino Shield

  • Im trying to send data and recive data between a LoPy4 and Arduino-Dragino Shield configured as nodes at the same frecuency and LoRa parameters, however, neither device recive data from the other, this is the code of both, if someone know how to solve this im would be thankful

    Arduino-Dragino Node.png Lopy4 Node.png

  • @Velkamhell I cannot tell from the code, where you set the transmission parameters like frequency, spreading factor and bandwidth. Just setting the region is not sufficient. The EU868 region allows the frequency to be set between 863 and 870 MHz. Unless these match at both sides, you will not receive anything.
    For Lopy devices, the default for the frequency is 868 MHz, the default for spreading factor and bandwidth is 7 and 125 kHz (SF7BW125). The Arduino-Dragino shield may have different defaults.
    Another note: I did not follow that further, but I have the impression, that Pycom devices always need at least a hard reset, if not a power cycle, to get proper operation of the LoRa circuit. After a soft reset LoRa does not seem to work.

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