FiPy modem firmware update through Python3 and PySerial

  • Hi

    I am trying to flash a new firmware onto my Pycom fipy modem. I am setting my fipy up for serial receival with sqnsupgrade.uart. I have tried both Recovery and normal mode.

    I get the succcessfull "Going into Mirror mode... Please close this terminal to resume the upgrade via UART" from my fipy.
    If I don't specify updater.elf it ends up with beeing stuck after "Attempting AT wakeup..." with no more outputs.
    If i do specify updater.elf i get the error message "Failed to start STP mode!"

    Any ideas what may be wrong?

  • I bought my way out of it. SD-card for the fipy.
    The problem must have been in the communication between PySerial and pycom, as the AT wakeup worked without any problem with the firmware locally on SD mounted on the pycom.

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