Pyscan RFID use on moving object

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  • @Berli 13.56 MHz (HF) RFID/NFC is really not designed for long distance scanning. That's something that is usually done using UHF (433 MHz or 868/915 MHz) instead, using active tags (which have their own power source).

    Don't forget that in your situation:

    • the reader needs to provide power to the tag
    • the tag needs to wake up and engage dialog with the reader
    • there can be several back-and-forth exchanges between the tag and the reader
    • all of this needs to happen while the tag is in range of the reader

    The range over which HF RFID works is usually counted in centimetres, not meters.

    I don't remember the exact details, but I believe it's the reader that initiates the conversation by "scanning" for tags, so this means you would also need to take into account the scan interval.

    In addition, if the tag is moving too fast, you may have Doppler effects to factor in (which will shift the frequency up or down).

    What kind of distance are you trying to cover, what kind of speed are your considering, what kind of tag are your using? Does the tag have its own power source?

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