Private blockchain on Lopy ?

  • Not sure if there was any discussions on this topic previously. If not, does anyone have any ideas ? Or basically impossible at all ? Thanks

  • This post is deleted!

  • By private blockchain, I mean a local blockchain for all my devices to exchange the data in an application following defined smart contracts, no needs to interact with the global ledger. Geth Ethereum is one of the possibilities, and what I am looking for is the installation/implementation of Geth in Lopy if someone has done that before ?

  • What do you mean with a private blockchain? To my knowledge a blockchain is an open distributed ledger that you can interact with over a client API. I guess you could call it private if you only allow vetted participants to use it? In any case, if you want to have a copy of the ledger itself, in most cases, you will run out of memory unless you have a SD card on the LoPy. If you do have a SD card I guess you could also keep a local copy of the blockchain on the LoPy (but not sure why you would want that?). Handling the client API should be possible, there are python client API implementations out there but not sure if there exists any micropython implementations.

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