OTAA join problems Australia

  • The TTN console sees my Lopy4 device connect (status = green light) but lora.join never returns True.
    I'm connecting to a Multitech Conduit Gateway in my area using OTAA on AS923
    Lopy4 details

    (sysname='LoPy4', nodename='LoPy4', release='1.20.1', version='v1.11-12f4ce0 on 2019-10-06', machine='LoPy4 with ESP32', lorawan='1.0.2', sigfox='1.0.1', pybytes='1.1.2')

    My Code is here

    Grateful for any assistance!

  • @oligauc Thank you for your reply. AS923 is supported on many TTN gateways in Australia, this, is in part due to the proliferation of cheap devices coming out of Asia made specifically for AS923. Look at the TTN map and you'll notice dual antennas at a single site especially in Sydney

  • @Graeme AS923 is the Asian region. You need to configure your gateway for AU915. Apart please ensure that the frequency on your node matches the frequency band on the gateway.

  • Hi Graeme,

    I am just setting up my Lora/ Lopy gear again after 1 year off the bench.. Over the next week or so I will attempt to help you and me both.. I was having some problems when I packed it up but keen to fire up again and get it working.



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