L01 internal pulldown resistor for safe mode pin?

  • Hey,

    Is there any information on the internals of the L01 module? We have a design that has the safe pin connected to a slot for a switch to connect to VCC, but are not sure if the pin is left floating when the switch is not pressed. Is there an internal pulldown resistor to ground to avoid this? Note the pin is P12.


  • @Joe-Mulder I did not use any of these modules. However, P12 is only sampled for safe boot on reset, which may however be a reset after deepsleep or similar,

  • @robert-hh Thanks for the response. If you've done any designs with the L01 or G01 modules, did you add an external pull down on the safe boot pin or any others just in case? I feel like we don't want to risk it floating and causing a safe boot sporadically.

  • @Joe-Mulder If you have a L01 module at hand, you can test with a multimeter, if there is an resistor on the board, while the module is not powered. And open port behaves different from a resistor.

    Note: It is a ongoing mess that Pycom does not publish technical details like schematics, given their state of the documentation and response characteristics to questions.

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