Firmware Flashing Documentation Insufficient Information

  • I'm new to Pycom development and I was following along documentation on getting started and got a bit confused by some missing documentation on firmware flashing. There was nothing mentioned about the three firmware options to pick from and why any one of them would be the correct option. I was also prompted for some pybytes activation token during the flashing process that wasn't mentioned anywhere in documentation. I jumped down into the pybytes section of the getting started and created an account, but nowhere could I find this token anywhere so I skipped it.

    I'm not really interested in using pybytes features at this time, but I'll explore them later. For now I just want to do some programming with WiFi and the onboard cellular features. I'm not sure what pybytes is and I'm not sure if that will be a roadblock for what I intend to accomplish.

    Can anyone explain what the differences are in the firmware versions in the screenshot? Perhaps they should be represented in documentation for those that don't dabble much with pycom products.
    ![Firmware Install Options](PycomGpyFirmwareOptions.png image url)

  • Pybytes (2.0) / Pybytes-legacy (1.0) is a cloud-based device management platform. You can use it to visualize the sensors data, see the status and geolocation of your devices and you can also perform Firmware Over the Air updates. Pybytes version 1.0 and 2.0 are built on top of the low-level firmware.

    The legacy firmware contains the old low-level modules of the Pycom devices without pybytes. It contains the micropython interface, FreeRTOS and all the drivers (LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth, i2c, sockets, Lora, etc).

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