Read the Sensor data through AWS cloud using GPY

  • I want to use temperature monitoring system made by temperature sensor interface with GPY by integrating it with aws cloud services. By the way it's not the conventional AWS server that I am referring to instead, it is the managed AWS hosting server which is powered by Cloudways. Please, suggest me the best way which will help me to represent data in dashboard. What is the best way to use it or is it even possible with the managed version AWS server.

  • @LindaJackson I am not familiar with the managed AWS servers. I just made a search and i think you have a couple of options.

    Option A:

    • Create a string on the GPY with the information you want to send to the server like temperature, reading timestamp, crc, etc.
    • Create a socket server on your AWS instance that parses the string with device information and push your data to a database.

    Option B:

    • Install an MQTT server on the AWS instance
    • Use the MQTT client on the Pycom device to send the data to the server

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