SigFox LoRa conflicts ?

  • Hello I'm trying to compare sigfox and LoRa.
    there fore I made a program on a Fipy that sends messages on both networks but I experience problems with LoRa if I used Sigfox without power cycling the Fipy.

    here is my sigfox code, am I doing something wrong that let the Sigfox/LoRa modem in Sigfox mode ?

    def run_sigfox :
        RX = False    
         # create a Sigfox socket
         s = socket.socket(socket.AF_SIGFOX, socket.SOCK_RAW)
         # make the socket blocking
         # configure it as uplink only (if False)
         s.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SIGFOX, socket.SO_RX, RX)
         cnt = nvs_get('sigfox_cnt')
         message = payload_encode(channel_ids['cnt'],'H', cnt)
         cnt += 1
         nvs_set('sigfox_cnt', cnt)
         message += payload_encode(channel_ids['time'],'I', time.time())

  • @bca Please can you specify the issues you are experiencing ? Are you using plain lora or Lorawan ?

  • @bca I have problems with Lora, in that it would not work without power cycling or hard reset even without using Sigfox.

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