Wifi range

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    In your advertisements, you say that the Wifi range is 1km. How do you achieve it ?



  • Maybe, but I think esp32 is limited to <20dbm max and I doubt pycom was using a different setting for the range test than they did for FCC/CE testing. But anything is possible. 1km is max, not typical. So if you are not line of sight with low RF interference you won't achieve it.

  • Do you mean it is a default feature of esp8266 and esp32 ?
    If yes, probably it is at full power ? Which you cannot achieve in the reality in some countries due to regulations in these countries ?

  • Should also apply to wipy 2.0 since they use the same WiFi radio. There have been range tests done with esp8266 that showed ~1100m so should be possible with esp32, but is a "best case” type thing.

  • Ah thanks. I wondered if it might be about the WiPy 2.0, as folk have similar questions!


  • It is the LoPy.

  • Which product are you asking about here please?

  • Hello,

    This feature will be available in a future software update.

    Thanks for your patience,

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