BLE Wifi Gateway possible ?

  • Hello,
    the hardware and software ist really very interesting and maybe the solution for connecting my BLE Sensor to the Internet.
    So again my question Is it possible to make a Ble - Wifi Gateway ?
    Have a nice day

  • @omesa
    if you can catch this adv message then you can simple redirect it by wifi
    what problem you have encountered?

  • Thank you very much for your reply.
    I am very flexibel in the BLE Protocol , because it is in my hand.
    At first I want to "stream" the Advertising packet via Wifi to a server.
    It should be possible.
    Again congratulations for your product !

  • @omesa
    You'll need to be more specific with what BLE protocol you need and also what service you want on the Internet/WiFi side to get a definitive answer but generally speaking yes you can use this to put together a BLE to WiFi gateway.

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