Making a LoRaWAN (US915) Between LoPy4 and Dragino OLG01

  • Hi everyone, I'm newbie with LoRaWAN, I want to ask, can I make a simple connection between Dragino OLG01 as Gateway and a LoPy4 as Node? I have tried using ABP but didnt get anything , also I'm using TTN and tried with examples of both device. If someone can help me I would be very grateful.

    Excuse if my english is not good :o

  • @spnear The Dragino is a single channel gateway. As long as the channel frequency and the datarates of Lopy4 and gateway match, you should see packets on TTN. The Dragino is similar to the Pycom NanoGateway

  • Hi, LoraWAN several channel (each channel as several datarate), so a LoraWAN gateway need to listen in same time several frequency/datarate.
    Only sx1301/sx1302 component are able to do this but there's retalively expensive and its explain the price of a lorawan gateway.
    The Dragino seem to be used a sx127x component, it cannot be used in gateway (in fact in a certified gateway it is often used as a tx channel).
    So you have two choise, the simplier is to use RAW Lora communitaction between Lopy4 and draguino, you select the frequency and SF (in US915 you have 400ms max time on air so in sf11 approx 24 bytes max. in you frame). The second is to still use lorawan but you have to change the frequency plan before the join (remove all channel except the one supported by the draguino) and to setup your gateway software to only use 1 channel.

    Excuse if my english is not good :o

    Same as my side

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