howto minimise Lopy deep sleep current?

  • I have a 2xLoPy and 3x FiPy. I trying to minimise the current consumption during deep sleep. I can get the Fipy down to ~35uA easily, however I can only get the LoPys down to about 380uA.
    I've seen reports of people getting as low as 16uA for some boards.
    As yet I haven't found a definitive reference for the lowest current for a LoPy and how to achieve it.

    Here is my setup:

    • LoPy dev module with deep sleep shield; no expansion board.
    • 3.6V battery. Nothing else connected.
    • 1.20.1.r1 firmware.
    • Wifi_on_boot(False)
    • rgbled(0) to turn LED off.
    • using go_to_sleep() from DeepSleep module to sleep for 10 minutes.

    Does anyone know what other steps can I take to minimise the LoPy current in deep sleep?


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