BLE AdvertisedServiceUUID

  • Hi Guys,

    BLE Advertisement Data can include a parameter called AdvertisedServiceUUID. This will be used to filter discoverable BLE devices before connecting to them based on the service they are advertising (Very common, especially in iOS).

    In my application, when I tried to filter discovered BLE devices based on the service UUID, my WiPy devices won't show up. When I investigated their raw advertisement data, I have found that there is no AdvertisedServiceUUID in their AdvData. I am setting the primary service UUID in set_advertisement of my Bluetooth object, but I guess it does not actually add the value in the Adv package.
    Is this the right assessment? if so, do you have any plans to fix this? What does set_advertisement actually do beside setting the name?

    Advertisement package although very limited, has very important role, we need a comprehensive access to it. (Local Name, ServiceUUID,...)


  • I have found a good starting point for investigation on ESP32 forum:

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