GPY board: Wifi & LTE-M connection question

  • Hi,

    I am using a GPy board. The board is setup as Wifi-AP. I also have a LTE-M connection going. The idea is to give internet connectivity to smart devices via the GPy board.

    I have written a socket server on the Wifi-AP side. (using its own thread)
    I have written a client server on the LTE-M side. (using its own thread)

    At the moment, I can connect my phone to the GPy board with the Wifi-AP connection. The phone acts a tcp client and makes connection to the Wifi server. Now, when I open up a website on the phone, the HTTP message is sent to the Wifi Server. From there, it is forwarded to the LTE-M client. There, I parse the message, make a TCP-client connection to the web server and pass the data to the web server.

    I am not sure if this the correct way of doing this because when the CONNECT HTTP message is sent to the web server, the web server is returning a "Not allowed" response.

    Any idea what is wrong with the workflow? Or any other ideas to accomplish this?


  • @tari4a1i_iaos This issue is with the HTTPS connection. I tried using a HTTP connection and the program works fine. Just wanted to updated here so that if anyone else is looking for a Proxy architecture this works fine. I am still having trouble in connecting HTTPs but will open up another ticket on that.


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