Best Audio Books for beginners?

  • Hello everybody!

    Can anyone recommend me good audiobooks for learning Python? I'm a total beginner to Python and a novice to programming as a whole, I am kind of comfortable with VBA and dabbled a bit in M, but nothing intense in either of those.
    Now I want to dive into Python and I very much enjoy audiobooks. I googled a bit, but there seems to be so many recommendations it seems tough to pick one. I looked through the wiki and faq here, but there's no audiobooks section. I tried the search function on this sub too, but (as is often the case with the reddit search function) I didn't find much.

    It would be nice if the audiobook had an accompanying visual component. It would also be nice if it were available on Audible. Neither of those are a requirement.

  • is worth the subscription. I'm not sure it's possible to learn how to write code from audio books...

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