Bluetooh GATTCCharacteristic Notification

  • import machine, ubinascii, utime
    from network import Bluetooth
    from BleScan import BleScan
    def handleNotification(bt_o):
        print('notification handler')
    myble = Bluetooth()
    con = myble.connect(ble_addr)
    srv =
    ch = srv.characteristics()
    ch.callback(trigger = Bluetooth.CHAR_NOTIFY_EVENT, handler=handleNotification)

    I am using a Wipy to collect data from my BLE sensor. I decided to use the characteristic notification instead of reading the sensor data periodically as the sensing time interval is not regular.
    I just extract the essential code as the above.
    I am sure the Wipy was connected to my BLE sensor as I was able to read the data manually. However, the Wipy never receive any notification while the BLE sensor was pushing out the data.
    Is there any thing I missed for notification configuration? Thank you so much

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