Nice to have on Expansion board

  • I am using the LoPy with the expansion board for production already. I would like to highlight some thoughts/problems I encountered using the current boards/casings.

    The current size of the PyCase does not allow to include any peripherals such as switches, batteries etc.
    It would help if the case was only a little big bigger! The base area isn't too bad, but if it would be 1 cm taller one could easily place a Lipo battery inside.

    Therefore I usually use bigger standard casings. Often I need to provide access to the USB port and the SD card slot from the outside. With the current layout, this is not easy. Suggestions are:

    • Place SD socket and USB socket on adjacent sides (so I could place it in any corner of a standard casing and make holes to the outside)
    • Provide USB headers as with RX/TX with jumpers, which would allow to easy plug in an external USB socket
    • Provide header rows additionally to the 2 female sockets rows for the GPIOs on the expansion board. This would allow to actually solder wires to the GPIOs and not only to plug in wires (more stable connections)

    It would be nice to allow powering of the RTC with a little battery without powering the whole device. I need to keep the date and time and had to attach another RTC chip (DS1307). To have a battery socket for this on the expansion board would be even nicer.


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