neopixel / w2812 and wipy 3.0

  • Holidays are coming so I thought I through a fun project into the pipeline which of course resulted more frustration :D

    So, I suprised myself a this light strip. And would like to controll it with one of my trusty wipy 3.0 board. Right now I am using this library, but I tried out all of what I found so far.
    The issue is that that leds do nothing. I am powering them externaly, with 5V. I measured, 5V appear on the led strip. So thez getting power for sure.
    I have common ground with all of the 3 components (power, led, wipy3.0)
    The pin what I am using is the MOSI pin, P11 on the extension board.

    What am I missing? Why are the led-s are dark?
    Help me save Christmas :D

  • @tttadam We all have these kind of findings over and over again.

  • I found the issue, it was the third reasons. I tried to feed the light strip from the other end. My bad. :(

  • @tttadam There are at least two possible reasons: Signal level or timing:

    • Signal Level: You could try to use a level shifter, to sort out 3.3v/5V level issues. If you have a silicon diode at hand, you can also try to reduce the 5V supply a little bit, bringing the signal levels together.
    • Timing: Besides that there are versions with a different timing on the market. You could try to change that. In the line:
      b'\x08\x04' if byte & mask else b'\x04\x08'
      the timing is set to 800/400ns. 08 means 800ns, 04 400ns. Someone made a list of various timings by mode: So you can try the other values. Generally, the timing is not too critical.

  • Well, the issue is the same. The code is running, but the leds are staying blank

  • @tttadam The RMt module of the Pycom MP is excellent for WS2812 support. I made a tiniy class around that, to be found here:

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