Windows Not Detecting WiPy or LoPy networks

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    I can see the WiPy/LoPy ssid (e.g. wlan-wipy-XXXX) on my iphone, but neither of my Windows machines list the networks. I can connect via the USB to serial converter on the expansion board. I opened both boards for the first time today and updated their firmware, but they still don't show up. It seems it must be a setting with my WiFi over an issue with the board, but I'm at a loss.

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    @sakis I'm not sure what was causing it, but I've since been able to find and connect to the network. Seems some combination of forgetting known networks and restarted resolved the issue.

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    Our boards are Windows compatible. I'm just trying to narrow down the problem to ensure that it's a Windows-specific issue. It's something that has never been reported before so unless we are able to reproduce it, it will be hard to help you.

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    Yeah, I agree it is a windows issue, but my question is what that issue could possibly be?

    I don't have any Linux machines configured. Further, I'm even less adept at managing wifi connections on Linux. Even if it shows in the network listing on a Linux OS, that just reasserts this is a Windows issue. Lastly, our products must be compatible with Windows.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Hi,

    That looks like a Windows-specific issue. Do you have any other systems (e.g. Linux) to try? A VM (e.g. VirtualBox) usually works fine too.

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