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  • Hello.
    I'm taking my first steps with pycom devices and it is being a bit difficult for me to program. In all our projects, we use PyCharm, due to all the facilities offered by this IDE. Although there is no plugin for this IDE (months ago it was indicated on the website of the project that would be developed), we find it more efficient to carry out the project on it, even if we have to upload using Atom. Therefore, in order to be able to use all the autocomplete and code navigation functionalities, I would appreciate information on which libraries and how they should be incorporated into the virtual environment, in order to be able to make the imports correctly and in a reusable way for the upload to the device.
    Many Tanks

  • Dear @Pablo,

    we are also using Pycharm together with a Make-based toolchain for uploading code to the device within the Terkin-Datalogger we are conceiving. When having a look the other day, we found that the Pycharm Plugin for MicroPython [1] is getting constant attention. We have reported about that on [2] where we stated

    there might even be a chance of making it work if it doesn’t have Pycom support out of the box, whatever adjustments might be required for that.

    We will be happy to hear about any outcome if you will have to chance to try that and report back about it.

    With kind regards,


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