Deep Sleep Not working on 1.20.1.r2 with Pysense 1.0

  • I have a LoPy 1.0r with Pysense 1.0, both with the latest firmware.
    Deep sleep is not working, the REPL hangs and nothing happen when I try to set the sleep duration with Pysense dedicated method. The device does not go in deep sleep and does not wake.
    What to do now?

  • @ruky87 You can't type the two instructions in the REPL and have it work. The setup_sleep function will start making changes to the configuration of the PIC on the Pysense which will disable the serial port before you can enter the go_to_sleep call.

    You need to put both in a function and call that function so they're both executed at once.

    This is actually documented here:

    This has been discussed in the forum at least here and here.

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