GPY sequans catch 22

  • The lte modem in the GPYs seems to get itself into a state whereby it thinks it's connected but it can't run any data. It's a catch 22 because any attempt to disconnect the modem then reset it also fails with an OSError: the requested operation is not possible for the lte.disconnect() cmd and OSError: LTE modem is in data state, cannot send AT commands for the lte.send_at_cmd('AT^RESET') cmd. The machine.reset() works but seems extreme.

    Anyone else stumbled across this & found a better way out?

  • Finding it hard to track down, happens one in fifty lte.connect() for me. I got a hunch maybe the telco tower was cutting the lte connection due weak signal or something & this was maybe putting the lte modem into zombie mode(can't be disconnected/reset). Tried a dummy load on the lte antenna socket in lieu of an antenna so see if this would increase the occurrence rate. What do you know -121dBm & got a server responses no problem. Sigh.

    Look on the bright side I guess. At least the lockup clears with a machine.reset() & we don't need a power cycle to fix it.

  • @kjm I am constantly getting the exception when calling lte.disconnect, no matter what I do. I do that after delivering data either over sockets or mqtt. In both cases the calls for letSocket.send or mqttClient.publish get stuck after a few successful calls (and until timeout expires). Not sure if that's the reason or not. Upon successful data delivery it happens as well after I am done transmitting...I asked on this forum and on but got no response whatsoever...In my case it is FiPy.

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