How to update new firmware .elf format with pycom tools?

  • It seems that the .tag.gz file format for firmware updates had been replaced with .elf file format recently. However the pycom-fwtool only accepts .tar.gz. files.

    How do I update my Pyboard with .elf file?

  • @jnko I do not think so. For me that just shows the lack of co-ordination in Pycom. Obviously, the elf file is just an intermediate step of creating the tar packages. That is all done by the script, which uses:

    • to create a bin file out of the elf file (line 669 ff), and uses
    • tools/ to make the tar package (line 730 ff).

    Since the process involves the bootloader and partition files too, it is eventually easier to just completely clone the repository and run the full build process. You could also just use to create the bin file and unpack/repack and existing firmware package using tar and gzip. That seems to be easier.

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