Lopy4 to Lopy4 over Lora Raw pack String

  • How can I pack this transmit string for Lora-Raw and unpack it at the receiver so that it becomes smaller?

    Can I actually use WiFi and Lora Raw at the same time?
    Are there any sending restrictions for Lora-Raw like LoraWan?

  • @Wolli01 start by checking you actually didn’t get it as bytes initially, it is often the case.

    Otherwise you can use the ˋubinascii.unhexlify` method.

  • I have understood the packing so far but how do I pack the Mac address?
    Example: f3:cc:cb:97:1c:eb

  • @jcaron Thank you very much for this information.

  • @Wolli01 You can use ustruct.pack to pack your data, it should become much smaller. Pay attention to endianness and floating point formats if deciding on a different platform, though. Also correctly pick integer sizes based on the expected ranges of the values.

    Most limitations in LoRaWAN come from regional regulations on transmit power, duty cycles, etc, so the same rules should apply (though they are not necessarily enforced by the firmware). LoRa-raw uses LBT (Listen Before Talk), however, do the rules may be somewhat different (though in theory one has to use AFA — Adaptative Frequency Agility — as well).

    Your best best to stay in the clear is to read the regulations for your market(s).

    Note that you will save a bit of overhead by avoiding LoRaWAN, but you will often end up re-implementing many of the features of LoRaWAN and end up with your own overhead instead. If you need to identify multiple senders, know if frames have been lost, handle retries, etc, you should think hard before reinventing the wheel.

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