Pycom firmwares question

  • My latest gpy arrived with fairly old 1.20.0.r4 firmware (compared to the 1.20.1.r1 I'm currently using) but more recent 43818 sqns firmware than the 41065 I currently have. Since this latest gpy is more stable on lte than my older devices I'm keen to upgrade the 41065 sqns firmware in those older modules. Does any body know where I could find a upgdiff_41065-to-43818 file?

    The other possibility is the new GPY might have better RF calibration ( than the older modules. I guess I could reprogram the new module to match the firmwares in the older GPYs but I'm reluctant to do so because it works so well & I don't know of a way to save the sqns 43818 firmware it has so it would be a one way process.

  • Has anyone got a contact inside pycom? I really want to know why the sqns 43818 firmware in my latest gpy isn't available for download somewhere?

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