Dumb Atom question

  • This is probably a stupid question but if I have some GPY code printing to to Atom & I go to copy a bit of the output with ctrlC the copy action also terminates the code running. Is there a way I can highlight & copy diagnostics in the print output without stopping the program?

  • tnx fellas shift-ctrl-C does the trick in Atom under Windows10

  • @kjm Copying highlighted text depends on the used terminal emulator and the operating system. Some of them also allow specifying a log file. With Putty/Windows, you can make this right click copy. In the Linux version I use, copying is done with Shift-Ctrl-C, And for a screen log, i can simple use tee. (e.g. picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0|tee logfile).
    So there should be options, but they may not work in the Atom console window.

  • @kjm I don´t use Atom myself (i use VS Code), but most terminal programs I have used copy the selected text when you right-click with the mouse. Maybe that will work here as well?


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