How to enable ESP debug output on Pycom modules?

  • I have an issue with the initial connection to some bluetooth devices from my FiPy, that I am trying to investigate. The issue appears to be in the ESP32 BLE stack.
    How do I enable the ESP trace output to appear on my FiPy serial console?

    I have the pycom-esp-idf repository and I am able to rebuild the esp32 libraries and import to the pycom-micropython-sigfox repository.
    I've tried changing the trace levels with make menuconfig, but I still don't see any trace message.
    What am I missing? Or is it not possible to route the ESP debug to the FiPy serial console.

    Any assistance appreciated.

  • I managed to merge the whole of the Bluetooth component from idf_v3.3 to the v3.2 branch and build the libraries and firmware image.
    Unfortunately this did not solve my issue.
    I then tried to build the firmware using idf_v3.3 entirely. As expected there were many build issues. Almost no compile errors. Mostly linker issues. I suspect for someone with more understand of the IDF it may not be that difficult to update the pycom code to IDF_v3.3.
    I suspect, even if I could update the pycom code , it probably would not fix my issue.

  • @crumble Thanks for that comment. I have a look into it.
    I did consider upgrading to IDF 3.3 at one stage, but I presumed I might be faced with lots of compatability issues with the pycom micropython code.
    I might have a look at just the BT changes and see if I can merge any of them across to cure my issue

  • Sorry, I cannot help with this particular problem. Just want to say that a look into the release notes of IDF 3.3 may solve your issue.

    IDF 3.3 concentrated on network issues and was released just before the latest pycom update. So these fixes are not part of the actual firmware. Maybe it is less complicated to upgrade the IDF (network) than to find the cause of your issue.

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