I2C output binary to integer

  • Hi all,

    I"m communicating between a Sipy and and Microchip dsPic in slave mode.
    Bytes received by Sipy appear to be (see picture below) in binary format.

    Bytes sent by dsPIC: 0x05 and 0x42.
    This data is displayed in the console as b'\x05' and b'B'

    How could I convert this data in integers? Sorry I'm a micropython beginner!



  • @Eric73 Thanks a lot!!

    Yes, goal is to compute int values instead of bytes.

  • @Vin883 said in I2C output binary to integer:
    Convert for print output or to compute with integer instead of bytes() ?
    For print in hexa:
    print("{0:x} {1:x}".format(bytereceipt2[0],bytereceipt2[1]))
    For decimal replace :x by :d

    For computing int value you must use

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