TX_FAILED_EVENT not triggered

  • Hi everyone.

    I have setup my lora.callback to to handle TX_FAILED_EVENT trigger as per examples on Pycom site. I have been trying to test using following method.

    1. Send command to lopy4 to uplink data to server (this works fine). I have set socket to uplink confirmed messages.
    2. I have set a delay of 15 seconds from receiving command to send uplink and beginning transmission.
    3. After seeing on the serial console that node has received command I pull the plug on my gateway before node starts transmitting.
    4. I expect to see that TX_FAILED_EVENT event is triggered as node will not receive any ACK from server. However it appears the event is never triggered evidenced by no messages printed to console from theTX_FAILED_EVENT.

    Here is the event code below.

    if events & LoRa.TX_FAILED_EVENT:
            print("TX Failed. ACK not received after 1 retries")
            lora.nvram_erase()      # this should force a rejoin of network
            machine.reset()         # TX failed so try and rejoin network by resetting

    Any help gratefully received.


  • @berryskies My bad! Stupid error (as usual?). I misread the socket.SO_CONFIRMED option. I thought this was a constant boolean and didn't set the trailing 0 to 1 (slap to forehead). All working as expected.

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