No connection to Wipy 2 via FTP (Filezilla) either Telnet (Putty)

  • Yesterday my wipy 2 with expansion board finally arrived. I'm successfully updated the firmware to the actual version (os.uname() = "(sysname='WiPy', nodename='WiPy', release='1.4.0.b1', version='v1.8.6-398-g4a4a81e on 2017-01-20', machine='WiPy with ESP32')") and the installation of pymakr runs successfully to. With pymakr I can connect to the board and run code over the pycom console as you can see above (os.uname()...).

    But if i try to connect using ftp (filezilla) or telnet (putty) the connection always will be refused.

    Messages from filezilla:
    Status: Verbinde mit
    Fehler: Zeitüberschreitung der Verbindung nach 20 Sekunden Inaktivität
    Fehler: Herstellen der Verbindung zum Server fehlgeschlagen

    And yes, my settings in the programs are all correct like discribed in the manual and also here in the forum. I'm completly helpless...

    I've tryed out the tool "ampy" from adafruit like discribed in the adafruit mycropython tutorials by Tony D. With ampy I can read out files from the local filesytem on my wipy but writing files to it doesn't work.

    I've also read that it should be possible with pymakr to write files on the board but I can't find no access to the local filesystem of my board within pymakr.

    By the way, im using Windows 7 Professional 64bit, the newest version of Filezilla (3.24.0) and my wipy 2 board is connected with my computer via usb on port COM11, the drivers are up to date.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
    Best regards,

  • I also had a connection problem with Wipy 2.0 via FTP (FileZilla), which brought me to this page and none of these replies helped me. The German looking error you have seems to be similar to mine(prompt was "Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity") and this is how I managed to solve the problem:
    Pymakr: 1.0.0.b3
    Windows: 10

    Copy code into pymakr(save file for future use):

    import network
    import time

    wlan = network.WLAN(mode=network.WLAN.STA)
    wlan.connect(ssid='your_ssid', auth=
    (network.WLAN.WPA2, 'your_password'))
    while not wlan.isconnected():


    In Pymakr terminal type:

    print(wlan.ifconfig()) # The first sequence of numbers is the IP address of your WiPy 2.0 for FileZilla

    If your connection is successful, you will see on the left hand side of FileZilla a file directory which will include the files "" and "" or a folder called "flash", click the folder. Next copy and paste this test code into Pymakr and save it as "blink":

    from machine import Pin
    import time
    led = Pin('P9', mode=Pin.OUT)

    def blinktest():
    while 1:

    "while 1:" should be indented and so should the the following lines be indented underneath "while 1:". The comment box isn't properly indenting the code.

    Now drag this file into the file directory that contains "" and "". The status bar on top of FileZilla will tell you if the transfer is successful. The last thing to do is type this into the Pymakr terminal which will blink the LED on the expansion board.

    import blink

    I found that with my short amount of time with Pymakr is that it is very picky, where I would have to unplug the Wipy 2.0 and restart Pymakr and do everything in the right sequence in order for this to work. This includes uploading the wifi_config file again, otherwise the "timed out" error in FileZilla will come back to haunt you. I hope this helps others with getting pass this issue.

  • @Corum
    Excellent to hear your got it all sorted out so quickly. Enjoy :-)

  • Finally I've modified my and the wipy connects now to my local router with an static ip.
    I can now upload files with Filezilla and Telnet works also fine with Putty!
    Thanks to @JMarcelino for hints and tipps and the kind support for a noob like me!

  • Thank you so far.

    But in the manuals there isn't anywere a hint, that ftp and telnet will doesn't work if I only use an usb connection to my wipy!
    There should be a hint that the wipy must be connected to the local Network to use FTP and Telnet and that the usb connection doesn't support these services.

    Best regards

  • @Corum
    The COM port connection is a simple serial terminal it doesn't know about IP protocol.

    The only way to connect to is by having your PC joining the WiPy's wlan as you did on the iPad.

    Once you're in you can setup the WiPy as a WiFi station on your own wlan, read the link I posted below on how to do it. Then it'll get an IP assigned from your network.

    I think Chrome on iOS doesn't understand ftp links, it works on Safari though.

  • Browsing ftp://micro:python@ doesn't work. The browser (Chrome for iOS) throws an error "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT".

    To test I install an ftp client on my ipad (FTP Client lite), enter the data for the wipy and... the connection works! I can browse the /flash directory.

    It seems on my PC it can't dissolve the host address to my com port (COM11) an otherwise...

  • @Corum

    Yes the address is only available if you connect to the WiPy's own wlan network directly.

    If you want the WiPy to join your home network (and get a addresss as you say) you need to configure the WiPy first. See

    Also the WiPy is not running a web server so you can't connect to it directly via a browser.

    You'll really need an FTP or telnet client on your iPad. But you can try browsing to ftp://micro:python@ as well (not very useful though)

  • Thanks you for the fast reply.

    I've tryed to connect to the wipy wlan network with my ipad and it worked. I received from the dhcp on the wipy ip-address for the ipad, but via browser is not available.
    My wlan router for my local network runs on a diffrent ip-range (192.168.100...).

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