Move devices between projects

  • The only option to move a device out of a project and reassign them to other project is to completely delete the device and register it again. I have 30+ devices that I need to move from one project to another and it is really time consuming to do this right now, as I have to delete and reinstall them all.

    The ideal solution is an option inside the project, or even inside the device, something like "free device", that would set the device back to the device list with no project assigned. Another solution is to let pick an already assigned device, moving it from one project to another using the "add existing" option.

    Thanks in advance, this is a great tool to manage all my devices (100+) but it is tedious to register them and move them around right now.

  • @jirkakrepl Thank you very much! This will be really helpful.

  • Hi @ibaseta,

    now it's possible to do it. In a project, there's a new button "unlink device"

    Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 11.17.29.png

  • Hi @ibaseta thank you.

    that's a good point. We're going to implement both of these features very soon.
    Probably will start working on it next week.

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