Solar Panel Installations for DIY Projects

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  • I have used this enclosure for some time ...

    alt text

    ... and it loois this way after two or three years outside in the sun:

    alt text

    It's getting "blind" but I'm still impressed that energy harvesting works even with the suboptimal top! The enclosure is a no name waterproof case from ebay so I'm not sure if it was intended to use it outside by the manufacturer. Maybe you'll find better cases for full sun. Nevertheless it's working.

    I had some hot glue in the case and indeed it melts while hot summer period. So it's true the "clear" top will act as a glas house.

  • My sixpence worth on solar. Any design that uses the solar panel as the lid for the enclosure electronics is bad. The heat just pours in through the panel & turns the enclosure into an oven. We've been through a dozen or so 3D printed enclosure iteration these last 12 months. Better to have the panel in a separate frame preferably positioned between the enclosure & the sun, temperatures inside the enclosure are then 20-30 Celsius lower.

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