connection with ESP32 fails

  • Hello,

    While im trying to update my firmware with updater it says my connection fails when i try to follow the steps from downgrading firmware it gives me the output:
    Exception: Failed to connect to ESP32: Invalid head of packet ('\x08'), on line 128

    does anyone know what is going wrong? or how to solve it?

  • @livius Sorry my explanation wasn't correct. I mean I first tried the updater.
    That gave me a failure.
    The log was:

    then I tried to find the issue by other another tool, but i cant find the issue.

  • @Mimite995
    you can not have repl output

    if you have than you are connected to board by another (COM) tool
    disconnect it and run updater it must have exclusive access to COM

  • @abilio it does fail when using the regular update tool and ive tried it with MAC and Windows PC.
    ive used USB COM port and connected the GND with G23.

    im new to this, but ive checked the COM port and it gives me an output in Putty: boot mode (37) and it says it works fine

    ive read some things on other topics and they said that they have got an output like this:

  • @Mimite995, I'm going to need more information to help you. Does it fail when running the regular update tool? Which OS are you using? How did you connect your device to the computer?

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