SiPy is.... Sigfox READY!

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    Dear All,

    A brief note to inform you all that the SiPy modules are now fully Sigfox certified for zones RCZ1, RCZ2 and RCZ4. RCZ3 will be certified mid Feb.

    Daniel will update you all early next with details of Updater release to program PACs, KEYs and IDs.

    Best wishes Fred

  • Hello,

    A quick announcement to let you know that we have been working late nights the entire week to get the flashing and activation mechanism for the SiPy ready. We were hoping to get this out by Friday, and we managed to finish everything, but we wanted to test it a bit more over the weekend. The good news is that it will be released for sure on Monday (finally!).


  • Hello everyone,

    I know that you are all really excited to start using the SiPy and I'm also mindful that we have made you wait a lot for it. We received the IDs, keys and PACs from Sigfox yesterday and we are working as fast as we can to integrate them in our server and we are also adding new functionality to the update tool in order to automate the process of flashing the SiPy with and ID, a PAC and a key so that the SiPy can be activated with a free account on the Sigfox portal.
    This process needs to be very robust because assigning Sigfox IDs is similar to giving away free SIM cards for a mobile phone. Therefore we are taking the necessary steps to make it completely automated without compromising security.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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    @Paolo-Prado Hi Paolo,

    The team are still working on automating the process so that as a user you have no codes to enter. I suspect sometime tomorrow but Daniel will update later.

    Thanks Fred

  • Hello,

    Is already avalaible the firmware download?

    Paolo Prado

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    We will party mid year when we have delivered on all other projects :)

    Have a great weekend!

  • Yay!   🎉 🎊 Party on 🦋

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