Send data from lopy to pc via wifi

  • Hello! I am new in lopy technologie. Can someone help me with some piece of advice about how to realize a transfer of data/file from my lopy to a pc from my network? Thank you!

  • @MusteDaniel Sorry, but I don't understand what you are trying to do. If you want to send data from your device to your PC
    you can:

    1. Either install MQTT Broker on your PC or send the data to an existing broker in the cloud like or CloudMQTT.
    2. Then write the code on your PC either in C# or Python that connects to the broker (that runs either on your PC or even better in the cloud) that subscribes to topic you used to send the messages to the broker. The client code samples for your PC is widely available - just search it on

  • @securigy Thank you! I have an issue and I don t find anything about it in documentation... in this field :" client = MQTTClient("demo", "", port=1883)" how should I set parameters to connect to my pc and where it will be displayed my messaje... I want to send messenge to intergrate into an interface or a text document...same thing

  • @MusteDaniel The easiest way is:

    1. Install MQTT Broker like Mosquitto on your PC
    2. Use MicroPython MQTT examples from Pycom library on GIT on LoPy.

  • @jcaron I want to send data parameters obtained from the sensors continuously to an pc/raspberry from the same network to show them into a real-time interface

  • @MusteDaniel Do you mean manually, or in an automated fashion in a script?

    For manual transfers: use FTP.

    For automated transfers initiated by the LoPy, you'll need some kind of server running on your computer, and you can then use requests for instance to send/receive data (there are many many different ways of doing this, so it really depends on your specific use case).

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