FCC with different antenna?

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    Hi everyone. I am designing a product that I hope to integrate the L01 or G01 modules into. Development is going well and I am starting to look into things like certifications. My PCB design routes the antenna connections to uFL connectors. I am connecting multi-band strip antennas which are different from the Pycom strip antennas. The antennas are inside the product enclosure and will not be customer accessible. The product is a commercial device which is always going to be >20cm from humans (unless the human is plugging/unplugging it). Since I am using a different antenna than what Pycom provides, and since it is integrated into a custom PCBA/product it looks like I will need to get the device re-certified by the FCC. If true, what application form do I need to fill out to get a FCC quote and testing done? If not true, can I just print the Pycom FCCID on the enclosure label and be done with it?

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