Where to Get Original Factory Sequans Monarch LTE Modem Firmware for GPy 1.0? (version=33080)

  • I would like to downgrade to the original factory firmware for the LTE modem on a GPy 1.0. I have one GPy 1.0 that has never been upgraded. Communication with the modem shows the original firmware is 33080:

        Bootloader0* : [33080]
        Bootloader1  : NA
        Bootloader2  : NA
        NV Info      : 1.1,0,0
        Software     : [33080] by robot-soft at 2017-10-27 07:49:11
        UE           : Unknown
        ZSP0         : 1.0.98-12323
        ZSP1         : 1.0.98-12295

    I am debugging why every modem I update (3 in a row now) is getting "bricked." By "bricked," I mean AT commands that do not even turn on the modem radio will cause a modem reset. No upgrade/downgrade of the modem firmware changes behavior. The only functional configuration I have found is the original factory Pycom firmware (1.10.1.b1) and modem firmware (33080). I want to try to revert to the original factory ESP32 & modem firmwares to see if (a) the problems are resolved, and (b) to compare to the non-updated GPy to see what the differences are.

  • @kjm I talked about the ESP32 firmware, since I understood your text that way ("ry to revert to the original factory ESP32 ....."). i never looked into retrieving the sequans firmware.

  • @kjm Thanks for the heads up. I saw those on another post and grabbed them. I also have 33988 (CATM1).

  • @wgtthompson I've had no luck getting modem firmware out of the modem. Oldest version I could find was 38638 at http://stiny.webd.pl/PYCOM/ which belongs to https://forum.pycom.io/user/rskoniec, maybe has some older versions squirreld away somewhere?

  • @robert-hh I don't understand. How do you extract the modem firmware using esptool.py? I though that gave access to the ESP32 firmware.

    P.S. I have another post about getting the original ESP32 firmware so the esptool.py option might work for that but this post is about getting the original modem firmware.

  • @wgtthompson You could as well use esptool.py to extract the flash from one device with the command read_flash and copy it to another one with write_flash.

  • @wgtthompson In the latest builds there is an undocumented method:


    In which you can specify whether the modem is enabled on boot.

    Also, in file mptask.c, lines 276-282, the modem is started by calling modlte_init0() and modlte_start_modem(). If you rebuild the binary, you can disable that, in which case the modem is not started at all.

    The version 1.10.1b1 is still in the git repository, date Wed Nov 15, 2017. so it may be possible to rebuild that. You have to take care to set the esp_idf to the same date. It looks like it still is release 3.2.

    Edit: The https://software.pycom.io/downloads/GPy.html link has at least version 1.10.2.b1, dated Nov 24, 2017
    Edit2: The repository 1.10.1b1 does not contain board definitions for GPY. Which means , you could as well install WIPY firmware on you board, which completely ignores the LTE modem.

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