send hexa number to sigfox

  • Hello,
    I would like to send a 12 bytes hex number via sigfox.
    But I need to transform this into bytes via the package (stuck.pack) and I can't because the biggest one is: double with 8 bytes.
    this is my code :

        def bytes_trame(self):
            """cette fonction divise la trame de 12 octets en 3 trames de 4 octets
            pour ensuite les enpaqueter en bytes"""
            return trame_bytes

    and this is the result :

    rame_dec [0, 6, 1, 217, 2, 394]
    bin: 0b1000000001100001110110010010110001010
    trame hex 0x100c3b258a
    trame_bytes b'\x00\x00\x00\x10\x0c;%\x8a'

    It is not the same value between trame hex and trame_bytes

    thank you for your reply

  • This post is deleted!

  • @quentho It is not the same value between trame hex and trame_bytes

    For me it's the same value, it's only the printed output that differ
    Have a Look
    is same as
    0x000000100c3b258a (with all 0)

    so until \x10,\x0c no visible difference
    then we have ";%", let look a the hexadecimal value in ascii code ';'=0x3B and '%'=0x25 , so it exactly the same number.
    import ubinascii
    if you have any doubt

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