FiPy LTE Firmware upgrade fails

  • Hi.

    I was following this excellent tutorial:

    But i ran into problems. I downloaded the NB1 firmware, and got the following files in the folder:
    I have uploaded the NB1-41019.dup file to my SD card, and uploaded all the relevant files to the lib folder as instructed in the tutorial.

    When i run the following code:

    >>> import sqnsupgrade
    >>>'/sd/NB1-41019.dup', 921600)

    i get following response:

    I tried to check my current version, seeing as there was other .dup files, but seems there has never been a upgrade, why i should be able to use he NB1-41019.dup file right?


    Has anyone had similar issues?

    EDIT: I think i solved it myself. Apparently the guide at Core Electronics is a bit outdated. I was able to do the upgrade, by not using the second argument, so just:


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