What needs to be done to support 6lowpan via slip via uart ?

  • Hi Devs,

    excellent work you have done so far - congratulations !

    i got my nb-iot sim card from magenta today, ten minutes after fw upgrade i was able to send out my first udp packets ! - GREAT !

    as i am also experimenting with 6lowpan (contiki os), i want to connect them to my FiPy in order to query the 6lowpan nodes via CoAP and send the responses to my server via NB-IoT.

    therefore the question is what needs to be done in order to add this functionality to micropython ?

    on the linux side this is done with a tool called tunslip6 which bridges the 6lowpan via slip to a tun device on the pc.

    i checked out pycom-micropython-sigfox from github and to my surprise i found 6lowpan and slip code in lib/lwip/src/netif.

    so how can this be integrated in a custom build ?

    how does the socket code know how to interface with the network devices ?

    what about the AbstractNIC stuff that is documented in docs/library/network.rst ?

    and how would i set this up under micropython ?

    i am experienced python and embedded programmer (ported pymite a couple years ago), so no problem to get my hands dirty with this !

    i think i haven't found the correct documentation, or "big picture" on how the things are connected - also not on the micropython page ... :(

    so please, point me in the right direction or give me some hints so that i can bring this to life ;)


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