Do my Pysense sensors consume power even if not initialized?

  • Hi.

    Might be a noob question but here we go:

    Currently researching powerconsumption on my FiPy + Pysense board. My question is, if i don't initialize the sensors in my code, are they still consuming power? And in same category: If i dont initialize the antennas / wifi etc. are my FiPy still powering these modules?

    Say i don't want to use the accellerometer, and thus i am not initializing it (acc = LIS2HH12()). Is it still consuming power? If that's the case, i would have to initialize all sensors on boot, and then deactivate them?

    Same thing with, for instance, bluetooth. Even if i am not going to be using BL, must i then do this anyway to ensure that it's not consuming power?:

    bt = Bluetooth()

    Thanks in advance!

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