WiFi not working out of the box

  • I recently purchased a LoPy4 and when it arrived, the wifi was not broadcasting in AP mode as it should. I have tried to turn it on through the console with no success. Is there anything I can do to test that it is indeed working and get it in AP mode? When I enter the commands from the guide I get an error that 'wlan' is not recognized.

  • @mbivans It seems to me that your problem was cause by PyBytes. You cango back to V1.20.2rc6, and once you have the REPL open, issue the commands:

    import pycom

    That setting survives reboot and power cycling, and will result in performing the expected and documented behavior.

  • I downgraded the firmware to 1.18.2.r2 and reconfigured it to AP mode and now it seems to work.

  • 1.20.2.rc6 [v1.11-o1f49f7] pybytes version 1.3.1

  • @mbivans Which firmware version is loaded to the module? You get that by either pushing Ctrl-B or by the commands:

    import uos

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