Wake up on trigger

  • Hi, Using one of the Pins to wake up from sleep on the GPY. It sort of works, and sort of does not. If the trigger switches from 0 to 1, the module wakes up, initiates LTE and transmits the status. That´s all good. But, if for some reason we release the trigger from 1 to 0 after wakeup, but before the device is attached to LTE, the device reboots itself. If we do the same thing once the device is attached, all works as it should. Any ideas?

  • When we tested another unit, the problem is gone…

  • Hi, we have tried with P14/P16. The change of pin wakes up the device and the only thing we use that PIN for is to read the status if it is 1 or 0.

  • @Don-iot which pin are you using? Did you make sure that pin isn’t use for some other purpose?

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