GPY LTE modem connection first attemp

  • Hi I am using GPY 1.0 and through pycom software update 1.16.2 it was upgraded to 1.20.0.rc13
    I am trying to use LTE feature , first I run the command : () and this is the result :
    My first question is why it appears UEUnknown , and if I should upgrade the modem firmware.
    I am using a SIM card from local company in Argentina whose apn is , should I define this before running the command ?
    I work in this cellular company so I can get info of other parameter if necessary

  • @kjm updated the modem
    I will try , if any doubt I will post here.
    Thanks !

  • 33080 is old firmware but still usable, 41065 was the latest last time I looked. Ignore the UEUnknown.
    Before attempting attachment you need to give the modem your Telco's details. Probably something like lte.send_at_cmd('AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""')

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