Using Pytrack and and Pysense with a single LoPy board

  • Can a single LoPy board be used (ie, be physically connected and be fully functional) with both the Pytrack and the Pysense at the same time? I would like to have the features of both sensor boards in the same package, so to speak...

  • @jcaron Thanks for the info. I looked around quite a bit before posting this question because I figured it must have been addressed already, but I could not find anything, so thank you for your reply. I was wondering about connecting external sensors or combining a Pysense with external GPS so thanks for pointing out those possibilities. I'll look into those options.

  • @kbentler I was under the impression that the question was already asked (which it was) and answered (but I can't find such an answer), my search skills are probably failing me.

    It most probably won't be easy as both boards share a lot in common and you're bound to have quite a few conflicts.

    A better solution is probably to use only one of the boards, and connect the sensors you want separately. In some cases you'll actually get better results than with the chips that are on the PyTrack or PySense boards.

    If you need many of the sensors of the Pysense, the easiest is probably to wire an external GNSS, any chip with UART, SPI or I2C interface(s) should be usable.

    Some may even argue in favour of using the expansion board and connecting all sensors externally. It really depends on your requirements.

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