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  • I just received two lopys the other day with the expansion boards and antennas and have read all the tutorials on the webpage.
    I'm surprised that the tutorials don't tell you whether you need to connect any antennas at all to get started with LoRa, or where to connect the antenna if you have one for that matter.
    Overall I think the guides needs more explanations and examples.

    I think this applies for all the boards, but I haven't anywhere seen how to upload your code to the board.I know you can run it directly through pymkr, but where is the upload button?
    I connected with filezilla and have overwritten the file my code.. however the LoPy still seems to boot up with the standard blink code everytime I restart it.

    I think the documentation and tutorials needs to be more new user friendly.

    Noob still trying to get things working here..

  • You could use mpfshell

    It works very well.

    Just put
    and get

    Must use the USB cable to work.

  • @Stroggo said in Getting started guide LoPy:

    Do you have suggestions on alternative ways to upload your projects to the board?

    I use Filezilla and put files throught ftp
    and connect Arduino IDE->Com port monitor to listen and write to REPL (COM) - you can use also e.g. putty

  • Thanks for your Reply Livius.
    There is a sync button, but it doesn't work.I get no response by
    clicking it even though it says I'm connected in the console.
    Do you have suggestions on alternative ways to upload your projects to the board?
    OK, that explains the pycom.heartbeat(False) command, I could not see any explanation for why it was there in the tutorials

  • @Stroggo

    good points for @administrators

    1. antena is required for Lora Radio - do not start it without - it is somehow risk
      for wifi antena is not required and smd is enough
    2. i do not use pymakr but there should be synch button
    3. about blinking led - you must disable it once and this stop internal blinking
    import pycom

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