Repairing grilled LoPy (over voltage)?

  • Hi,

    is there any chance to repair a grilled LoPy? My ebay PSU went crazy (15V on VIN)...
    It gets no longer detected via FTDI/REPL

    thanks and br

  • You may have just blown the DC/DC converter.

    Maybe Pycom can tell us which one it is, I'd love to know more detailed specs on it too.

    It is s tiny tiny part you'll need some advanced soldering skills and a hot air station at a minimum

  • It behaves slightly different. The LoPy starts my code for a few seconds until it "hangs" and the PSU gets pretty hot. I will first swap my PSU and try the 3.3v pin with a different one. Thanks for the tipp!

  • Have you tried supplying 3.3V via the 3.3v pin?

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